Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bride and Groom Cookies

Cookie hearts dressed up like a bride and groom! I think these have to be my favorite of all time. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time to set up any cute pictures...I hope you can tell how cute they are from these quick pics.

A friend needed cookies for a bridal luncheon. I gave her several ideas and these were the ones she chose. Then, since I had never actually done these, I had to practice. Luckily I know people that will eat practice cookies. :) I was really worried about the tux, but that turned out to be the easiest. The dresses were more time consuming, but I fell in love with everyone of them.

Another friend saw them and wants some for the goodie baskets she is putting in the hotel rooms of out of town guests. I think they'd be great for showers also.

They weren't that difficult - anyone could make them - and who doesn't have a heart cookie cutter. These were made with my favorite sugar cookie recipe and royal icing.

I made the flowers for the dresses ahead of time so they could dry.

Outline sections with icing. Once that hardens, flood with diluted icing to fill in the section.

This is a handy little tool for directing the icing where you want it to go.

Also, notice the pearl necklaces on the dresses. I went ahead and piped them when I was outlining.

more pics of the finished cookies.....

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